Reasons why your business should be backed up by the cloud

Reasons why your business should be backed up by the cloud

Cloud storage backup is a strategy for data protection that involves removal of data offsite to a managed service provider for easy and instant recovery. The whole process can either complement or replace on-premise backups. Data that has been moved from offsite is reduplicated thus speeding up the backup process.

Security in any business is something that should be taken with a lot of weight. Natural calamities such as fire, floods, and earthquakes could jeopardize the security of your data but with cloud backup strategies you need worry no more. You need the confidence of data recovery for your business to thrive.

Key Benefits of Cloud Backup

  • No need for infrastructure investment

When using cloud backup, you do not need to buy any additional machines or hardware. All you need is your already existing corporate computer network. You won’t have to spend on acquiring any extra equipment.

  • Save on IT maintenance

Using local backup techniques comes with a lot of stress of ensuring the equipment is up and running but once you install the cloud backup takes a lot of stress from your plate as you will have IT professionals working for you. Your IT staff can then have more time to focus on the company development without the worry of data backup.

  • Recovery from a crash

Computer crashes is one of the most annoying issues that most businesses experience. Using traditional recovery methods is quite extraneous but with cloud backup data restoration is instant. All you do is simply logging into you’re your online account and click on restore all files.

  • It allows for more access

Cloud backup services can allow you to work from anywhere. All you do is log into any computer whichever location, restore data and start working. This allows you more work time and of course you are likely to make more sales.

  • Storage space

If you are using traditional data storage methods, you will need to buy more storage drives as your business expands requires more storage space. However with cloud storage, all you need is just send an email or make call and get your storage expanded.

  • Cloud backup provides a secure method for file transfer

The files are encrypted before being transmitted and only the owner has the decryption key. This provides for a very safe file transfer process as opposed to traditional backup methods that do not have any encryption on them.

  • Reduction of operating and administrative costs

With cloud backup, all; you need is to select a backup schedule and data will be saved automatically. You simply set it and forget it. This helps cut on operational and administration cost by far.

  • Elimination of the shortcomings of tape backup

Tape backups cost much, can easily be stolen, and are vulnerable to obsolescence. In addition, data recovery from a tape is very slow. Why go through all this trouble when you have the option of cloud backup?

With the very many benefits associated with cloud backup, it is important that you take a step of moving to clouding to safeguard important business data.