These are the Dirtiest Areas in the Office that Require Regular Cleaning

These are the Dirtiest Areas in the Office that Require Regular Cleaning

Every employee needs to be responsible for the desk where they work. There are also common areas that are everyone’s responsibility. The problem is that most employees are so busy with the respective tasks that they do not care about the cleanliness of the areas outside their workstations.

It is essential that you remind everyone that you are working as a team. Aside from the regular tasks they need to finish in line with their job descriptions, they also need to be responsible for keeping the office clean. Some spots are too dirty because everyone is using them, but no one seems to care if someone cleans them.

Copier buttons

Imagine how many people use the copy machine each day. Different fingers touch these buttons. If someone is sick in the office and this person touches the copy machine, the next person touching the buttons might also get sick. The toilet seat might even be cleaner than the buttons because people regularly clean the seat. Can you even recall the last time you wiped the button clean?

Coffee pot handle

Like the copy machine buttons, several hands touch the coffee pot handle, especially in the morning. Some of the germs found on the handle are resistant to antibiotics. If you get sick because of how dirty the handle is, it could take time before you recover.

Elevator buttons

If you have an office in a building shared by dozens of other companies, you can expect hundreds if not thousands of people to use the elevator in a given day. The bacterial colonisation on these buttons could be very severe since everyone shares the elevator. No one feels they are responsible for keeping it clean.

Desktop computers

From the monitor to the keyboard and the mouse that you use when working on your computer, all of them are dirty. If you do not take time to clean them before you start working, you can only imagine the number of bacteria present. Since you are in a hurry to finish your tasks, you might not care about the cleanliness of your computer.

Kitchen sink

Since everyone shares in the use of the kitchen, it is possible that the sink becomes very dirty. The tap handles could have tons of bacteria that are unnoticeable. Unless someone in the office dares to clean up the entire sink, it could remain as the dirtiest area.

Hire a cleaning company

These small details are not a massive concern for many employees. They have a lot on their minds, and they do not want to include the germs present in those spots to their problems. Since you need to clean anyway, you might as well hire a cleaning company London to do the job. You need cleaners to regularly clean the office, including the spots that no one seems to care about. You might have to pay for their services, but you will receive a healthy office environment in exchange.