Tips to Make the Most of a Brainstorming Session for Marketing Campaigns

Tips to Make the Most of a Brainstorming Session for Marketing Campaigns

Every marketing campaign starts with a brainstorming session. You meet with your marketing team to come up with the next great idea to launch soon. You will not run with all these ideas, but you can refine some of them that get thrown in the air. The good thing is that some of those thoughts might work well for your next campaign, but the ones that you discard could still be useful in the future. These tips will help ensure that every brainstorming session will help boost your company.

Videotape the process

Sometimes, the best ideas get lost in the conversation. Everyone has something to say, and you tend to forget what the great ideas were. When you videotape the process, you can go back to the discussion and find something that you can use for your campaign. It might even come from an unexpected source. It is not enough to write the minutes of the meeting since even the person who wrote them might fail to catch some essential ideas.

Invite different groups of people

Even if you have a marketing team, it does not mean that you only rely on them to work on your next project. You also need to consider other members of your company since they might have something to say. Besides, it is an excellent idea to give voices to those who rarely participate in any discussion. They might feel like they have a boring job and giving them the chance to speak out during a brainstorming session for marketing ideas could spark their interest.

Do not shut down ideas

The worst thing that you can say during a brainstorming session is no. For instance, if someone tells you that the use of exhibition display stands for your next campaign is perfect, you need to consider it. If you shut it down, you might lose an opportunity to reach your target audience. Listen to the person who raised the idea and wait until you hear the details. You might think that display stands are not useful anymore, but they could still work depending on how you use them.

If you dislike an idea or you think it is not suitable for this campaign, you can tell that employee that you appreciate the thought. You can write it down as the next best idea if you launch another campaign in the future

Show your appreciation

Before your brainstorming session ends, you need to say thank you to everyone who joined. Whether the employees spoke or not, you still need to express your gratitude. It is your way of showing that you loved that they were present and talked to the team. For some people, it is not easy to present ideas as they feel vulnerable. You also need to give a shout out to those who did a great job.

Again, this session is only the beginning. You still have to work on refining these ideas until you come up with a perfect marketing campaign.