Brainstorming Tips to Improve Marketing Strategies

Brainstorming Tips to Improve Marketing Strategies

Every marketing campaign starts with brainstorming. You do not simply wake up one day and say that you are ready to roll out a new campaign. You cannot even do it alone. You need your entire team to be with you as you think of the next plan.

Hence, it is crucial to have brainstorming sessions so that you will hear what everyone is thinking. Even if the ideas are rough and, to a certain extent, out of this world, it is okay. You will still have time to refine those ideas. The goal is to collect information to determine which ideas would be useful for the next campaign. Remember these tips to make the most of the brainstorming session.

Invite a diverse group of employees

Although you have a marketing team, it does not mean that you should only invite them to join the discussion. You need people of different cultural and family backgrounds. You need both men and women to participate. You also need to invite those who have been your employees for a long time and those who recently got hired. Determine who among your employees could be a part of your target demographic and invite them to join too. Asking different groups to be a part of the discussion will produce quality results.

Do not prolong the meeting

The primary goal is to think of the next step to attract people to buy the products that you offer. It is not the meeting where you make the final decision. Therefore, a few minutes should be enough. Let everyone speak and present their ideas. Take note of what they say. Thank them for participating and adjourn.

Make everyone feel comfortable

Be sure that if you are inviting someone to join the meeting, there is a clear understanding of the meeting and why they are a part of it. Let them know that you are not doing it as a punishment or to evaluate their skills. Make them feel comfortable, so they will find the courage to speak their thoughts.

Give the topic beforehand

It also helps if you tell the people you invited why they need to join the meeting and what you are going to talk about. Give them enough time to think of what to say during the discussion; otherwise, they will take time to think while the meeting is happening, and you might not extract anything significant from them.

Do not say no to any idea

At this point, it is like throwing mud at the wall to see if it sticks. It is not the time for you to reject people’s thoughts, as they might feel discouraged to speak again. For instance, if you are talking about promotional merchandise and someone suggests an out-of-this-world item to hand out, you need to accept it as a valid idea. You also need to thank everyone for their participation to keep the conversation alive.

Brainstorming is the first step in the process, but you still need to do a lot more. Be open to suggestions and take the time later to refine them.