Ways to Convince Your Investors that Your Ideas are Better than Others Without Being Arrogant

Ways to Convince Your Investors that Your Ideas are Better than Others Without Being Arrogant

When presenting your ideas to investors, you want to convince them that what you have in mind will work. Along the way, you need to compare these ideas to direct competitors. You might know of other start-ups that are also winning investors. There are other existing companies with similar business plans.

You cannot entice investors to take their wallets out if they know that you have nothing special to offer. Therefore, apart from talking about how good your ideas are, you also need to include how they are better than what others have to offer.

You can do it without being arrogant. Sometimes, when you feel too confident about your ideas, and you start comparing them with others, you become too cocky, and you might turn investors off. They are not only judging you based on your presentation but also your attitude. If they do not feel confident about your personality, they will invest elsewhere.

Focus on facts

When comparing your ideas with others, you need to focus on facts and explain why. Do not brag without presenting any evidence. Quote research or existing data to support your claim. When comparing using this method, it is easy for you to convince people to invest.

Talk about solving existing problems

You need to highlight why you are starting the company in the first place. Yes, these investors might seem obsessed about making money, but not all of them are. They also want to support noble causes. If your company will help solve problems, they will not mind investing in it. They know that you are going to make a difference in people’s lives, and they want to be a part of it.

Discuss your personal story

Do not hesitate to talk about your background and use it to convince people that your business ideas will work. Let them know that these are not random thoughts you formulated but are a product of your experience. As such, your ideas are more authentic, and your reasons are more acceptable than other options. You are placing yourself as a potential customer, and it shows how engaged you are with them.

Talk about possibilities

When you boast about your ideas, you need to make it clear that you are only making projections. You can use the words “perhaps” or “possibly” if you are talking about what might happen if they support you. It means that you are not sure that the ideas will work, but you are giving them a try. In business, nothing is certain anyway. Even companies that have been around for some time could still end up failing

Once you come up with strategies that could work during your presentation, you need to deliver it with confidence. You might also have to arrive early to check the devices you will need to use for the presentation. If you can purchase a projector wall mount for the meeting room where you are going to present, it will help simplify the process of setting up the devices you need.

Hopefully, you can convince the investors to support you.

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